Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide a wide range of comprehensive legal services

Contractual disputes

Company matters

Partnership disputes

Personal injury

Property disputes

Money claims

Tort and negligence

Medical negligence

Professional negligence

Probate and sucession


Enforcement, debt recovery

Injunction applications

Possession and eviction

Mediation and arbitration

Lexpert Solicitors have a dedicated team of lawyers who are experts in many areas of Civil Litigation.

We deal with both public and private legal disputes through alternative dispute resolution, such as, negotiation, mediation and arbitration, as well as court litigation process.

Being involved in litigation can be a daunting experience. It can easily turn into a nightmare if you engage the wrong set of lawyers. Since the litigation process is unforgiving and comes with cost consequences, it is important that you engage competent and suitably experienced lawyers to deal with your case. The cost of getting things wrong is very high in litigation.

Our Approach

Our approach is to ensure that we resolve your matter speedily and deliver the best possible outcome within budget.

We believe in meticulous preparation and innovative presentation of our cases.

From the outset, we provide clear advice to our clients so that they can appreciate the legal and practical issues relating to their cases and make informed decisions about what action to take. At this stage, we advise our clients as to merit, procedure and costs. We usually offer fixed-fee preliminary consultations for this.

Why choose us?

  1. Our success rate is high.
  2. We are highly competent and suitably experienced.
  3. We have some astute legal minds in our litigation team.
  4. Our clients are very satisfied with our services. Most of them would recommend us without a second thought.
  5. We are approachable and easily contactable.
  6. We provide honest advice about the prospect of a case.
  7. Our fees are reasonable compared to the standard of our service.
  8. We offer flexible pricing and fixed fee services. We make sure at all times that our clients are made aware of the fees before fees are incurred on their behalf.
  9. We work on conditional fee agreement and damaged based agreement for suitable cases.
  10. We give our 100% for each and every case.
  11. We thoroughly assess the weaknesses of our cases at the outset, so we can prepare better.
  12. We do not compromise on the standard of our service.
  13. We have a commercial, practical and realistic attitude to dispute resolution for our clients.
  14. Our litigation lawyers regularly advise on large and complex cases and are at home with dealing with tough opponents.


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    Other services provided by us

      • Landlord & tenant
      • Commercial conveyancing
      • Negotiation, mediation, arbitration
      • Business takeovers and contracts
      • Trademark and copyright infringement
      • VAT & tax disputes
      • Planning permissions


    • Immigration and asylum
    • Judicial review
    • Human rights
    • Tier 2 licensing
    • Asylum support
    • Detention, removal and bail
    • Charity matters
    • Family & children
    • Employment
    • Wills, probate and administration
    • Education law
    • Housing and benefits
    • Documents certification & verification
    • Affidavits, oaths, statutory declarations

       Our values

    • Openness, integrity and trust
    • Commitment and accountability
    • Dedication and distinctive service
    • Expertise and continuous improvement
    • Equality, diversity and inclusiveness