Fees on Student visa applications

Typically, these applications take about 3 – 6 hours and thus we estimate a fixed fee cost is likely to range between £500 to £1,500 plus VAT (20%) depending on the seniority of your adviser, number of applicants, complexity and difficulty of the questions involved, and the circumstances in which the work is carried out. We may be able to offer you a fixed fee for these applications, depending on your circumstances. Please note that VAT is not chargeable for Entry Clearance applications as a student.

Our fees do not include disbursements. The likely disbursements include:

Home Office Application Fees: (No VAT is applicable to the Home Office fees)

  1. Student Visa Application from Outside the UK:
    • Fee: £490
    • Details: This fee is applicable when applying for a Student visa from outside the UK.
  2. Student Visa Extension or Switch from Inside the UK:
    • Fee: £490
    • Details: For extending or switching to a Student visa from within the UK, a fee of £490 is required.

Immigration Health Surcharge (per year): (No VAT is applicable to the Immigration Health Surcharge)

  1. Students and their Dependents:
    • Fee: £776 per year
    • Details: The Immigration Health Surcharge for students and their dependents is £776 per year.
  2. Applicants Under the Age of 18:
    • Fee: £776 per year
    • Details: Visa and immigration applicants who are under the age of 18 at the time of application also pay £776 per year for the Immigration Health Surcharge.


At all UKVCAS Service Points (except the Premium Lounge), a variety of free and chargeable appointments are available. The fee for chargeable appointments includes VAT (20%) and varies between £85 and £285.

All fees quoted are estimates and are dependent on the particular circumstances of your case.

Basis of Fixed Fee

The fixed fee range is dependent on the complexity of the case, including the type of the student visa application (e.g., child student application). It is also dependent on the applicant’s previous immigration history and whether the application is being made in-country or from overseas.