Housing and Benefits

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Housing applications

Housing appeals


We can assist clients with advice on claims, completing application forms, communication with HMRC and local councils and representation at the court and Tribunal. We know how vulnerable clients are when faced with a negative decision on benefits and housing application. Our advisors carefully guide clients to get back on their feet and avoid pitfalls.


Our approach

We have a well experienced team with care and compassion is at the heart of our approach in practicing Housing and Social Security law. We have partnership with advice centres and some of our lawyers have advice background. Therefore, we are well aware of sensitivities of vulnerable clients. We are patient, flexible and maintain full confidentiality of client information.


Why choose us?

  1. Our experience and knowledge helps to resolve the issue faster.
  2. We are well aware of financial distress of clients and charge very low fees without compromising on the standard of service.
  3. We offer the most appropriate advice.
  4. We are patient, prompt and responsive.
  5. We have happy clients who refer us to their friends and family.

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   Our values

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  • Dedication and distinctive service
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