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Unfair dismissal

Constructive dismissal


Workplace harassment and bullying

Contracts, settlement, redundancy

Unpaid wages, non-compete and other claims

At Lexpert we pride ourselves as experts in assisting both employers and employees on employment law issues. We extensively advise on drafting and reviewing of employment contracts, and staff handbook as well as on disciplinary procedures, appeals, unfair dismissal, redundancy and representation at Tribunals. We can also give independent legal advice on compromise agreements.

Our approach

We are acutely mindful that employer-employee relationship is at critical to the smooth operation of a business or an individual’s livelihood. Therefore, we tailor our approach to ensure client’s business and individuals rights are protected and strive to achieve the most balanced outcome. Being knowledgeable and experienced we are well aware of procedural requirements which are vital to ensure the desired outcome. Resolving disputes also requires managing litigation risks and we can appropriately guide clients with our foresight and experience.  We are mindful of economic pressures and advise cost effective measures proportionate to the employer’s/employees respective circumstances.

Why choose us?

  1. We identify at the outset the most likely outcome of a dispute and guide our clients accordingly.
  2. We are comprehensive, practical and think through all possible angles.
  3. We understand each client’s need and work towards achieving that outcome.
  4. We give honest opinions on a client’s matter and advise clients on the strengths and weaknesses of their matter.
  5. We are competitively priced.
  6. We have happy clients who refer us to their friends and family.


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Other services provided by us

  • Civil litigation
  • Company matters
  • Personal injury
  • Enforcement and debt recovery
  • Negotiation, mediation, arbitration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business takeovers and contracts
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • VAT & tax disputes
  • Immigration and asylum
  • Judicial review
  • Human rights
  • Tier 2 licensing
  • Asylum support
  • Detention, removal and bail
  • Road traffic offences
  • Affidavits, oaths, statutory declarations
  • Documents certification & verification
  • Family & children
  • Education law
  • Wills, probate and administration
  • Charity matters
  • Housing and benefits
  • Planning permissions
  • Premises licensing
  • Landlord & tenant
  • Commercial conveyancing

   Our values

  • Openness, integrity and trust
  • Commitment and accountability
  • Dedication and distinctive service
  • Expertise and continuous improvement
  • Equality, diversity and inclusiveness